13 de janeiro de 2012

Poema - "The Girl With Wings"

Mais um poema inspirado na criação de Anndr, o artista gráfico que ilustra meu pensamento.

She was like an angel
Fallen from heaven
She had wide wings
He could stare forever

And she knew how to take
Control of his poor heart
He saw her walking
Wanted her from the start

And now he is in love
With the girl of his dreams
He asked from above
A lady with wings

So they could fly away
So they could find a way
So they would hide away

And it would be like music
He would teach her how to dance
She would find it amusing
They would live in a trance

And he tried to write a song
Since the first time he saw her
Wondered where she belonged
He simply wanted to own her

He leaned on the window
To see her walk down the street
He took his guitar, sighed “Oh”
And pulled a song from the strings

“Please, please, beauty queen
Just try and look at me, dear
You're the angel of my dreams
Carry me in your wings...”

She stopped and heard his voice
She saw the dreamer staring at her
She finally smiled, had no choice
She seemed to like what she heard

But then a look was exchanged
And she blew him a kiss
And right after he received it
She quickly spread her wings

And never again he knew of her
Never the angel returned to him
He will never forget, never ever
His sweet girl with wings

Até a próxima!

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